Torres winery in Spain

For those who love to drink a glass of white, rosé or red, you can take a trip to the wine cellars and plantations. Not far from Barcelona is the Torres winery, famous not only in Spain but also in the world. The winery has been in existence for almost 140 years and the main thing is that the quality of the wine has not changed for the worse.

The company has reached great heights, their wines are exported to more than 100 countries of the world! The owners are very keen on developing wine tourism, with crowds of tourists coming every day to taste and tour the estate. The staff are very friendly and willing to explain everything.

Torres Winery

The winery has had its ups and downs, it was completely destroyed during the civil war and it took almost half a century to rebuild. Torres is a true family business, handed down by inheritance, and now wine plantations are located all over the world: Spain, Cuba, Chile, China.

Famous products of the wine house Torres:

  • Sangre de Toro,
  • Mas La Plana,
  • Salmos,
  • Esmeralda wines,
  • Cognacs and brandies aged 5, 10, 20 years

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Miguel Torres winery

How the winery tour goes

The standard itinerary for the tour includes:

1 – Watching a film about the family – owners of the vineyard, the film is translated into different languages, you will be comfortable!

2 – A ride on a small steam train through the vineyard, workshops, and wine cellars. Here your guide will tell you about all the stages of production, the specifics of growing different grape varieties, the storage and proper ageing of each variety.

How the winery tour goes
Torres Winery,

3 – Walking around the winery where you can taste the grapes from the bush (not included in all programmes).

4 – Tasting. Depending on what you are told in advance you will be presented with a few wines (2-6) to taste and they will tell you all about their history.

The winery has a shop where you can buy the beverage of your choice. It’s cheaper to buy a regular wine in the shop if you are looking for a special vintage, but if you are looking for something a little less special you are better off buying it here.

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Torres winery in Spain
Torres winery in Spain,

How much the winery tour cost

Vineyard visits start at just €20 and cost are based on the tour you choose and the wines you taste. Bottle prices start at €10.

Please note if you are visiting on your own you should call in advance to make an appointment for a guided tour. Vineyard tours are available for any number of people!

Miguel Torres winery

How to get to Torres Winery

  • Organized excursion
  • By hire car or taxi. Address: Bodegas Torres, Finca el Maset, Pacs del Penedès.
  • Take the Renfe R4 Cercanías-Rodalies train from Arc de Triomf station (Barcelona) to Vilafranca Del Penedès station (1 hour) and then take a taxi to Bodegas Torres (about 10 minutes away).

That’s it! 🙂 If you’ve got anything to add on the subject, you’re welcome to do so in the comments section.

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