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Tenerife’s Siam Park is a piece of Thailand in Spain. The Canary Islands are becoming increasingly popular with tourists, especially travellers with children. The islands have a mild climate, for which they are called the islands of eternal spring.

Tenerife is one of the most popular islands in the archipelago and combines incredible natural scenery and beautiful beaches with a variety of activities for both leisure and children. If you’re lucky enough to be on the island, I highly recommend a visit to Siam Park, one of the best water parks in Europe.

About Siam Park Tenerife

This water park is located in the south of the island near the resorts of Las Americas, Los Cristianos and Costa Adeje. The park covers an area of 185 km2 and is designed in Thai style. There is something for everyone here: water slides of different difficulty levels, the longest lazy river, a children’s playground, a huge beach with an artificial wave and the possibility to surf, cafés and restaurants.

The park was built by the Wolfgang Kiessling family, the founders of Loro Park. The family has taken a thorough approach to the construction of the park, everything has been thought out down to the last detail, no wonder the founders have visited more than 50 aqua parks around the world before. This allowed them to bring the best out of Siam Park. The park opened its doors to visitors in 2008. Rumour has it that the King of Thailand’s very own daughter was at the opening, so who knows…

Siam Park!

The slides at Siam Park

The park’s tallest and nearly vertical roller coaster is the Tower of Power, which is 28 metres tall – the equivalent of a 9-storey building. The speed you can reach when riding the slide is 80 km/hour. The highlight of this slide is that at the very bottom you are flying through an aquarium with real sharks. Unfortunately, you will not see sharks as you go down because the speed of the slide is very high and you will have to keep your eyes closed. But one climb up to the top of the slide will show you a great view of the park. (age 14+, minimum height 1m 40cm).

The Singha is for three people and is a succession of descents and ascents, both inside the tunnel and outdoors. (Limitations: 1.25m and over).


Ever dreamed of being trapped in a volcano crater? – The Volcano is for you. The 4-stage water slide is the best way to enter the crater. (Limitations: from 1.25 metres)

Dragon. Light show during the funnel ride. (Limitations: from 1.25 metres).

Siam Park

The Kinnaree is suitable for groups of 4 or you can pair up with other people. The drop down is done on a tube and it is 213 metres long. (Limitations: from 1.25 metres).

The Mekong Rapids is a four person imitation river slide (Limitations: 1.10 metres).

The Giant – downhill for 1 -2 people(Limit: 1.25m).


Jungle snake – four slides, you can ride alone or as a couple. This one has the smallest queue! (Limit: 1.10 m when accompanied by an adult)

Naga Racer – six smooth slides to go down on tube in the SEAL pose (on your stomach, head first). There are almost no queues. (Limit: 1.10 m)

The children’s playground – The Lost City – has 15 slides for children of all ages, a vat of water which fills and pours over the children standing underneath. Once here, your child will not want to leave!

Sawasdee is another area with a shallow pool and 4 slides for children. The area is decorated with Thai dragons that are impossible to ignore.


Mai Thai River – One of the longest lazy rivers, you can lounge on a paddleboard and admire the scenery. The path passes through a glass tunnel with aquatic life: sharks, stingrays.

The largest artificial wave in the world (about 3.3 metres high) is at Siam Park. You can even stand on a board and go surfing, but this leisure is not cheap and is only available after the closure of the park. The wave itself is located in a huge white sand beach, around which there are always lots of people who prefer to sunbathe or who have decided to take a break from the slides.

The Volcano at Siam Park, Tenerife

And that’s not all the rides you’ll find in the park. There are too many to list, so come and see for yourself.


The staff pays great attention to safety. Once you enter the slides, you will see that all of them are equipped with cameras which allow you to monitor each visitor’s successful descent, which means that you will be put on a lap and allowed to slide down the slide only after the person in front of you steps away from the finish line of the waterslide. At the bottom of each pool, there is a person on duty at the bottom of the slide who helps you get off the slide if necessary and supervises safety.

Siam Park Sea lions

Costs and opening hours at Siam Park

Aqualand is open without holidays and weekends. From April to November the park is open from 10:00 to 18:00, in winter time Siam Park Tenerife closes one hour earlier at 17:00.

I highly recommend buying a twin-ticket, a ticket that entitles you to visit Loro and Siam Park. The second park can be visited within 14 days of your visit to the first park. While in the Canary Islands both places are worth visiting, especially when buying a double ticket its price will be lower than buying them separately. Attention! Only one person may use the ticket because the entry is based on a fingerprint.


The cost of a dual ticket for people aged 12 and over is EUR 60 and EUR 40 for children.

In comparison, a separate entrance to Tenerife’s Siam Park will cost €35 for adults and €24 for children, the same price as a ticket to Loro Park.

How to get to Siam Park Tenerife

The resort areas of Los Cristianos, Costa Adeje and Las Américas can be reached very quickly. All the conditions have been created for this.

Free double-decker buses

Starting at 9:30am, free blue double-decker buses with Siam Park logo will be available at 30-minute intervals. Buses stop at nearly every stop – find the one nearest to your hotel well in advance and check the timetable.


Please note that the bus has no roof, so tourists with small children are advised to take seats on the ground floor to avoid hitting a palm tree branch. There is, however, a beautiful view of the surrounding area from the top. The last buses from the water park leave, 20 minutes after it closes.

Regular buses

The cost of a regular bus ride is €2 to €3. Buses go through the same settlements. Bus numbers to get to Siam Park are: 110, 111, 342, 343. Your stop is called “Estacion de Guaguas” and is located across the street, opposite the entrance to the park.

Siam Park, Kinnaree


Taxis can be hired at the hotel to access Siam Park and there is a taxi rank at the water park for your ride home, with a driver present at all times to take you to your hotel. Taxis to Costa Adeje, Los Cristianos, and Las Américas cost around €15-20.

Recommendations for a visit to Siam Park Tenerife

Arrive in the morning and for the whole day.

To avoid queuing at the slides, you can buy a VIP ticket to enter the slides without queuing.

You can rent towels in the park (cost about €5 + deposit).

The Dragon, Siam Park, Tenerife

There is a storage room in the park where you can leave all your valuables.

The park has free changing rooms and showers.

Siamese Park Tenerife has free wi-fi.

Get your all-inclusive ticket for Loro Parque + Siam Park.

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