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Top 5 Things to Do in Iztapalapa

Top 5 Things to Do in Iztapalapa

Today we are talking about the real, purely “Mexican” Mexico – the most populous district (neighborhood) of Mexico City – Iztapalapa. With more than 1.8 million inhabitants, this district is not much visited by tourists, and yet it is one…

Trip to Contoy Isla

Contoy Isla

As a continuation of the theme of beautiful and colorful places in Mexico, a report on a trip to the island of Contoy. To be honest, I am indifferent to the sea, I like the mountains much more. However, we…

7 best places to vacation near Mexico City

Best places near Mexico City

In addition to Mexican cities and villages, which everyone hears about, and where there are always crowds of tourists, there is “little-known” Mexico – beautiful and interesting places where Mexicans come to rest. So we want to talk about some…