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Vyktor Boiko

Hi, I'm Vyktor Boiko from Ukraine, I'm 24 and I love travelling and writing notes about my adventures. Glad you read my post on this site. If you find an error in the text, let me know!

Historic centre of Llanca in Spain

La Vila de Llançà

The sights of the historic centre of Llanca in Spain, where a huge number of monuments are concentrated in a small square. You can read about the other part of the town, the port, in the first article about the…

One day trip to port of Llanca in Spain

One day trip to port Llanca in Spain

Today is about the next destination in Catalonia, the city of Llançà (Llanca, emphasis on the last syllable) in the Emporda region. The town is small – only about 28 km2; the population is 5,000. In my opinion, it is…

Torres winery in Spain

Torres winery in Spain, location, tour, wine tasting

For those who love to drink a glass of white, rosé or red, you can take a trip to the wine cellars and plantations. Not far from Barcelona is the Torres winery, famous not only in Spain but also in…

7 Best things to do in Blanes, Catalonia

Blanes Catalonia

Blanes attractions – what to see in the beautiful city. Did you know that Gaudi’s most famous creations and Spain’s most popular beaches are concentrated in the north-east of the peninsula – in the autonomous province of Catalonia. How to…