20 Best beaches in Vancouver

It’s already 20+ degrees Celsius on the thermometer, which means beach season is just around the corner. Luckily, Vancouver is located along the Pacific Ocean, so there are plenty of beaches and we hope that this article will help you find a beach to your liking. So, Vancouver beaches. Let’s go.

Locarno Beach

Located on Stanley Park Seawall, Locarno Beach is west of Jericho Park on Northwest Marine Dr. between Discovery St and Tolmie St. Locarno Beach is a sandy beach with a small forest of tall evergreen trees nearby.

Locarno Beach

Jug Island Beach

Jag Island Beach is a nice little island in the northern part of Belcarra Regional Park. You can’t get to the island itself, but you can walk to the beach. You can get awesome views of the island and the narrow, glacial Indian Arm Fjord.

Jug Island Beach

Sunset Beach

Located at the mouth of False Creek on Beach Ave between Bute St and Thurlow St, Sunset Beach is the least populated near Vancouver’s West End and downtown. It is also close to the Vancouver Aquatic Centre and has access to the False Creek Ferry pier. The beach is also dog-friendly.

Frame Sunset Beach Vancouver

Spanish Banks Beach

Located along Northwest Marine Dr. just west of Tolmie St., Spanish Banks Beach consists of three distinct parts: east, west and Spanish Banks Extension. At low tide, the water is about a kilometer off shore. Along the beach is a park with barbecue and picnic tables.

Spanish Banks  011

Second Beach

Second Beach is located at the junction between Stanley Park Dr and the north end of Lagoon Dr next to Second Beach Pool, a heated outdoor pool right off the seashore.

Second Beach

Third Beach

Located at Ferguson Point in Stanley Park, Third Beach is a natural sandy beach surrounded by trees that, with their foliage, provide a hopeful shield from city noise. This spot is ideal for quiet and measured swimming, picnicking and watching sunsets.

Third Beach

Jericho Beach

Пляж Джерико находится на северной стороне парка Джерико (Jericho Park) в западной части Пойнт Грей-роуд (Point Grey Rd) между улицами Уоллес (Wallace St) и Дискавери-стрит (Discovery St). На восточной стороне пляжа — место для пловцов, с западной стороны — для парусников и виндсерфинга.

Jericho Beach In Vancouver

Kitsilano Beach

Kitzilano Beach, also known as “Kitz,” is on Cornwall Ave at the north end of Yew St. There is a causeway just off the beach, and on the west side is Canada’s longest swimming pool (137 m).

kitsilano beach

English Bay Beach

English Bay Beach, also known as First Beach, is located along Beach Ave between Gilford St and Bidwell St, Vancouver’s densely populated downtown beach area.

English Bay Beach

Sasamat Lake

Sasamat Lake is one of the most popular summer destinations. Hiking trails around Sasamat Lake in Belcarra Park Regional Park are a great option for those who want to picnic with the family or hike through the park at any time of year. The lake is located in the city of Port Moody. In addition to hiking trails, you can relax on the beach, swim in the lake, visit the market stalls, and more. The lake is full of campers in summer; plan ahead if you want to set up on the shore.

Sasamat Lake Beach

Buntzen Lake

Bantzen Lake is located in a beautiful recreational area north of the city of Port Moody. Although the lake is artificial and maintained by BC Hydro, there are also many forests, beautiful beaches and hiking trails, including the route to Bantzen Lake. Note: The entrance gate to the park closes at night, closing times vary throughout the year, in winter the park closes at 4:30 pm. Check the park’s schedule and be sure to leave before it closes.

Buntzen Lake, low water

Centennial Beach

Santanyal Beach and Wildlife Reserve area is located in Tsawatsenna, a 60-90 minute drive from Vancouver. We recommend that you bring binoculars and take your time to enjoy the wildlife in the area. The beach is notable for its shallowness, after walking a couple of kilometers inland you will still be “knee-deep”. However, beware of sharp tides.

Pano: Centennial Seawalk

Hadden Park

This small park has a bike path, a tidal creek, and a breathtaking view of downtown Vancouver. Many people come here to walk their dogs off-leash. The terrain is rocky, of course, but there is plenty of sand.

Hadden Park Dog Beach, Vancouver, British Columbia

North Beach, Alouette Lake

North Beach offers plenty of sandy stretches on which to spread a blanket, making it a popular and spacious place to swim east of the bustling city, though you can hardly go wrong choosing any of the swimming spots on Lake Alouette. With views of snow-capped peaks in the distance and ample room for kayaking, canoeing, swimming or kayaking, this scenic spot is made for a leisurely vacation. Don’t miss the short, scenic North Beach Trail along Gold Creek’s near-salad waters.

Golden Ears Provincial Park (Alouette Lake)

30 Foot Pool, Lynn Canyon Park

The first option for swimming in North Vancouver in the heat. Cross the suspension bridge, turn left, and continue along the river for about 10 minutes to find this stunning emerald body of water.

Lynn Canyon Park - 30 Foot Pool

Whyte Lake

The classic swimming spot in the West never disappoints. Follow the trail to the lake, which is a little longer than you’d probably like (2.5 km each way). A great place to spend an hour or two.

Whytecliff park

Perhaps the most popular diving area in Lower Mainland, Whitecliff Park is also a great place to swim! According to Health Canada statistics, it’s usually the cleanest beach in all of Metro Vancouver – a pretty little cove with a relatively sandy slope into the water. Perfect for a picnic.

Whytecliff Park Photowalk (Sunset)

Crescent Beach

Located just a half-hour drive from the U.S. border, this rocky beach is perfect for walking and watching the sunset. With ice cream stores and coffee bars nearby, smooth pebbles and free parking, this beach fits the bill for sunset lounging by the sea.

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